Can Snack Food Be Big Business?

Investor Confidence Rises After LaiYifen and ZhouHeiYa’s IPOs

Source: 零食能否做成大生意?来伊份周黑鸭相继上市提升投资人信心

Market listings for two Chinese snack food companies have given private equity investors who took stock in return for cash an exit. Some investors say that in an environment where the opportunities for stock market listings are fewer and fewer, this is a way of injecting stimulus into investors.

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Made in China, not Sold in China?

Takeaway: If internationally China has long been known as the factory of the world and exporter of everything, what about the domestic Chinese market? This article is about maturing Chinese consumption patterns and the lagging supply chain that is geared towards supplying foreign brands with high-quality products meeting international standards, while leaving Chinese consumers with a “quality swamp”. If Chinese consumers wish to buy higher quality “made-in-China” products manufactured for foreign brands, then often their only option to go abroad.

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