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Honduran food contained quite a lot of coconut milk. After watching a video that made making your own coconut milk look very easy, we (stupidly) decided to try. I should not have forgotten the old saying that things which look easy rarely are. The coconut dishes--a fish soup called Hudutu with mashed plantain and a rice dish called Resanbinsi--were like the coconut milk, not very successful. The most unexpected part was how much more tastier the mashed plantain (Foo Foo) was than we remembered. Our favourite dish, Ariran Guisou, or chicken stew looked the most complicated. It turned out to be both the easiest and the tastiest. I marinated the chicken, onions, and red pepper in lime juice, mustard, turmeric, Worcester Sauce, cumin, and garlic. After, I browned the chicken in pan, added water and chicken stock, then gently simmered until we were ready to eat.


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