Homeschooling Redux

Yorkshire lockdown learning photography homeschooling

Another lockdown and another round of homeschooling (and even less work and research for me). I’m basically limited to thought, and there isn’t even much time for thinking. 

In spring, we tried Twinkl. I considered subscribing, then the company opened the service for free. My daughter didn’t enjoy it. (Sadly, we later found her school seems to use it.)

At the start of summer, we tried Collins. I bought the whole series after Dora said she liked them. However, we soon found that the books go from 3-5 years; since Dora’s only 4 at least half of the exercises were too hard.

Next, we tried the Progress with Oxford books. These are split into books for ages 3-4 and books for ages 4-5. Business-wise this is smart because you make twice as much money. However, it’s also better for children. We recently had a clear-out, and I threw out all the completed 3-4 books so I can’t show an example. However, the exercises were all doable, which built confidence. We have found the Oxford books are better organised. For example, confusing letters are grouped together, and there is more practice of trickier letters and sounds. The exercises are also more varied. Even better—there are stickers. I don’t understand the joy that stickers bring, but things that make my daughter happy, make me happy.

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