Lockdown Fatigue

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We’ve been homeschooling for a while now. I’ve lost count of the number of weeks. I now think of time in the number of projects we complete: winter, three little pigs, gingerbread man, red riding hood. At first, I was very enthusiastic: for the winter project, we finished everything; for the little pigs, we built three houses; by red riding hood, we were comfortably hitting minimum requirements, but if something didn’t excite Dora—making capes out of different materials and seeing how waterproof they were—I would take a breath and do something else.

Last week, we went outside. We had free play. Mummy, it’s boring. Well, that’s okay. Mummy, can I wear my costume today? Okay, no problem. Mummy, can I go outside in my bug wings and antennae hairband? Sure. Great.

My book buying New Year's Resolution has failed miserably. The new idea of giving up buying books for lent has also failed. For lent, rather than not buying books, I’ve decided to stop buying anything online. If I need a book (for book club, for example), I have to buy it in person. (Even if I pay for it online in front of the store.)

My resolution not to buy clothes is going well. However, an unforeseen problem of a more minimal wardrobe has raised its head: my favourite t-shirts developed holes. Some holes can be repaired. But, why do groups of tiny holes you can't do anything about suddenly appear right in the centre of the t-shirts you love? I'm now down two t-shirts; I can't replace them. I still have my gloves.

A large hole appeared in my favourite gloves after washing them. Where once I would already have a new pair of gloves in reserve (John Lewis had a lovely purple pair in the January sales), yesterday during snack time, I took out a needle and thread and repaired the hole. It felt like how it would have in the past. However, unlike gloves in the past, these gloves were not made for longevity; another hole is already developing. Thanks to my mending, the gloves will hopefully pull through lockdown; they probably won't last past my year of not buying clothes.

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