Photography and Stories

In an attempt to be productive and healthy during the lockdown, I started studying an online iPhone photography class. Since coming home, I've been doing a lot of walking, and it turns out that walking is not only good for health, but also helpful for photography. Somewhat unexpectedly, I have also found that (good) photography (like everything it seems) also requires storytelling. However, telling a story with a photograph is not easy—especially one that has mystery and poses questions.

So far, I’ve found an abundance of beautiful flowers as subjects; while beautiful, they aren’t the most enigmatic of objects. Since I refuse to take photos of people without permission and I try to see beauty, I’m struggling to focus more on the unusual and the uncanny. I still have one module left, and a lifetime to take photos. As they say: it's a marathon (or a long walk) not a sprint.

While I look for strange and new inspiration for stories in my photographs, I also have time to listen to audiobooks of my favourite stories. I'm currently listening to The Jane Austen BBC Radio Drama Collection—perhaps not the first thing you might think of to help with locating the weird and the wonderful, Jane Austen herself apparently wrote of her books, 'pictures of perfection...make me sick and wicked'.